Expenses of childbearing in US in 2018

Planning with value salute to all moms childbearing in US for childrens bright future!
Being brave, persistent, strong and good at planning is the common traits of all moms childbearing in US.
Moms childbearing in US is the founder and defender of Chinese elites, so they will be memorized forever.

We will render comfort for each of the moms consulting in Xilubaby: Come on, to give birth in US is just a 3-month short travel and everything will be easy with our companionship.

Composition of expenses for childbearing in US

01 Expenses of domestic visa and round trip air fares (20000 including two visas and air tickets)

The visa fee of merely U.S. embassy is 1,024 / person. As childbearing in US is a relatively special visa category, it needs to apply for an honest visa and checking in. In order to improve the passing rate, you can entrust our professional transaction of honest visa, whose cost is about 700 US dollars / person, equal to 4,800 (excluding the cost of the US Consulate). Air ticket costs range from 4000-50000, depending on the class.

02 Three months meals, accommodation, confinement care, document management in US (Customized packages cost 60,000--350,000)

The three months expenses in meals, traveling and accommodation in US are about 150-450 thousands; the difference is greater, so please refer to Xilubaby package service. It is worth mentioning that, Xilubaby releases special customized services for some moms with stronger self-care ability, which divides all services of childbearing in US into 18 items, so that moms can freely choose the most appropriate combination.

It is worth mentioning that, Xilubaby releases special customized services for some moms with stronger self-care ability, which divides all services of childbearing in the US into 18 items, so that moms can freely choose the most appropriate combination.

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03 childbearing in hospitals (between $5000 and $8000)

Doctors charge $2, 500 for a natural birth, and $4, 000 for a C-section. Hospitals charge about $2, 500 for a natural birth, and about $4, 000 for a C-section. The charging standards mentioned above are from well-known Chinese doctors and hospitals in Los Angeles summarized by Xilubaby. Of course, if there is an accident, the costs will rise sharply.

  • Grace Guimei Yao,M.D

    Dr Grace, Guimei Yao is a leading expert among Chinese doctors in Irvine of Los Angeles, who is good at Mandarin. Besides, she is kind and generous with professional knowledge.

  • Nicolai Foong,M.D.

    Nicolai Foong not only has excellent medical skills, but also is open and humorous. With special communication skills, the doctor can make mothers feel easy, carefully...

  • (Thomas T.Lee)M.D.

    Thomas T. Lee has a team consisted by obstetricians, pediatrician, neonatal nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine with over 20 years of clinical experience.

  • ELSIE Wu M.D.

    Dr Elsie Wu is a famous obstetrician and gynecologist in Los Angeles with years of clinical experience. The doctor is proficient in Chinese, Minnan dialect, English, Spanish, Vietnamese and other languages.


    Among all doctors evaluated by many mothers, Hung-Chou Yen is the No.1, who is more than professional. In addition, after mothers arrive at the hospital, the doctor always...

  • (Frank I.Chiang,MD)

    Frank I. Chiang has worked in gynecology and obstetrics for many years, and he is easy-going and proficient in Chinese. The doctor can always answer questions of mothers with patience.

  • Nicolai Foong,M.D.

    After Nicolai Foong delivered babies for Ruiyao Jin and Annie Shizuka Inou, many mothers began to choose the doctor.

  • Tsang-Hung Chang,M.D.

    Generally referred as Sir Chang by mothers, he is very responsible. Some mothers praised that he is very careful and thoughtful.

  • John C Chiang

    Dr. Chiang received smart choice award and "benevolence award" for three times from 2011 to 2013, and he is able to communicate with mothers in Mandarin.

  • Kuan-I Wang M.D.,F.A.C.O.G.

    Dr. Kuan-I Wang is a prominent Chinese doctor in local areas. Good at Mandarin, he can bring a sense of intimacy and get rid of nervousness of mothers who give birth in the United States.


    Dr. Jason has clinical experience of nearly 30 years with a good reputation. He graduated from Columbia University in New York and has a doctor degree of obstetrics and gynecology in the United States.

  • Helen Huang C.,M.D.

    "Careful and professional" is the occupational label of doctor .

  • Abraham Han,M.D.

    Dr. Abraham Han was awarded the best teaching award of medical college of University of Southern California in 1995, who has professional skills.

  • Russell Rapoza M.D.

    Dr. Russell has been appointed as chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center with his cautious, responsible attitude and zero error in clinic and diagnosis.

  • Jing Lu M.D.

    Dr. Jing Lu is well known in Los Angeles, who comes from Shanghai. We all affectionately refer to her as "the light of Shanghai".

  • (Long-Dei Liu.M.D.)

    Dr. Long-Dei Liu is a famous Chinese physician in Irvine of Los Angeles who is good at Mandarin. He is an authoritative person in childbearing in the United States with a good reputation.


    Doctor Su David has become a hired doctor of many Chinese mothers. He has engaged in the field for over 30 years and with 25 years of experience in obstetrics.

  • Jen-Kway Shen M.D.

    All mothers that know Dr Shen say that he is professional and has a good manner. He is also one of the doctors that have been appointed in advance.


    Dr. Chen, Fleming is easy-going and cautious, who is the first choice of many mothers childbearing in the US.


    A famous Chinese doctor in Irvine of Los Angeles, who is referred as "Chan Yidao" in the local area.


    As a famous Chinese doctor in Irvine of Los Angeles, Yang, James is chosen by many Chinese mothers who have children in the United States. The doctor is elder who is more cautious and gentle.

Childbearing in the United States is a differentiated journey. As for most middle class families, it is possible to achieve a goal with about 200,000 yuan in a package service of Xilubaby.Best wishes

Subordinate to Shandong Meilu Cultural Media Corporation, Xilubaby originates from Taiwan and takes root in mainland China. It mainly engages in the business of giving birth in overseas countries, including consultation of giving birth in US.XLBB processing, pre-delivery and confinement caring in US and subsequent consultation after coming back. Xilubaby’s service aims are to serve with due diligence, provide transparent service and enable each client to enjoy the comfortable, intimate as well as pleasant journey to give birth in US.

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