Xilubaby the process to give birth in American/Childbearing process

Selection of services

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consult online or by phone.

Consulting services provider for giving birth in the US or pregnancy and maternal consulting services - Xilubaby consulting center, staffed by over 100 personnel in headquarter and Xiamen, Shanghai and Taiwan, providing 24 hours service around the year.

formal signature

Signed formal legal service contract with the US Confinement center, with detailed terms and articles, clear rights and responsibilities, so that your rights and interests are guaranteed during your stay in the US.

According to the situation of each customer, we make the whole plan, sign the contract for room reservation with US Confinement center, remind clients to apply for the visa as soon as possible, and send the "US Confinement Manual" before the trip.

Occupancy Center

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reserve in advance

We reserve pre-delivery room and confinement room, keep the rooms according to your choice, and inform the American colleagues of preparing for your arrival. We also provides services including translation and legal affairs, government and security.

fly to the United States

After arriving in the United States, the center will sends a tailored car to pick you up.

antenatal care services

Visit the confinement center, check in and introduce you the daily life habits of the center.

Payment will be made according to the reservation contract after checking in.

We will take you to visit several hospitals on the Open Day of hospitals, and make an appointment with the doctor to meet with you and send tailored car for you.

During pre-delivery: maternity matron provides the whole care, as well as corresponding services.

Standard meal for pre-delivery: professional cooker cooks for immediate consumption and provides milk, fruits and desserts.

Monthly child care

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Monthly child care

Sending a postpartum shuttle bus to pick you up to the confinement center, we will provide thoughtful confinement caring.

Full-time nursing care, taking care for baby around the clock, providing American milk powder, diapers, baby clothes, baby bottles and other daily necessities and medical supplies.

Confinement food: with high level food standard, we cook for immediate consumption, pay attention to the health of you and your baby.

Services of professional guidance for postpartum breast milk

Document handling for baby

During your confinement, we will handle the American certificates for your baby.

After a baby is born, we will take the identification photo of baby.

Handle American Birth Certificate, American passport, Chinese travel permit

Get the American Social Security Number.

Baby growth service

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arrange for return

After the American certificate transaction is complete, we will arrange a tailored car to send you and your baby to the airport, have your luggage checked and accomplish the ticket procedures.

Returning to China, the growing-up services will be officially rendered.

growing-up services in China

Xilubaby pays attention to the follow-up services of the customers after coming home, proving subsequent consultation for 18 years, taking care of the babies before they come of age.

We make sure that every baby can enjoy the medical service equivalent with that in the United States and help your baby enjoy the American standard baby vaccination.

Through the customer management system, it can provide customers with all kinds of policies and practical information for a long time.

hot house types in the American Confinement Center

Mayues House

a bar suite

Ryans House

A villa with two bedrooms and one bathroom

Rebeccas house

an exclusive household with two bedrooms and a sitting room

villa of Irvine


Subordinate to Shandong Meilu Cultural Media Corporation, Xilubaby originates from Taiwan and takes root in mainland China. It mainly engages in the business of giving birth in overseas countries, including consultation of giving birth in US.XLBB processing, pre-delivery and confinement caring in US and subsequent consultation after coming back. Xilubaby’s service aims are to serve with due diligence, provide transparent service and enable each client to enjoy the comfortable, intimate as well as pleasant journey to give birth in US.

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