Xilubaby Reliable Confinement Center in America

Providing oversea health care services for 10 years, Xilubaby provides one package services, including visa processing, custom clearance, food, house and transportation and certificate handling. Moreover, it provides complete follow-up services, offering you a comfortable trip!

The whole plan makes you carefree, protect pregnant moms to give birth safely and return home happily!

Central Villa-individual buildings Highlight your noble status Sweet and comfortable Safe and private

Xilubaby insists that all houses should have a single-family courtyard and a separate tenement so as to avoid the disadvantages of the fluid service personnel fluidity. It has a central ventilation system, no point light source, water softening system and so on.

With a good reputation, Xilubaby makes your confinement life comfortable and carefree!

Quality service-professional service provider for pregnant mothers and newborns--relieved and comfortable

The one-stop service for moms to give birth in the US, with the capacity of brand, help each mom give birth and return home safely! Xilubaby has cooperated with confinement center for ten years

You choose it, meaning that you choose the most cost-effective trip to give birth in the US.

  • living environment
  • surrounding
  • nutritional diet
  • maternal care
  • special care for babies
    Apartment, villa, customized services are available. Live in the rich area and travel to the United States.
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    There is pleasant climate, high quality social groups, ideal security, and easy life.
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    Professional services of maternity matrons, fresh food, and cook for immediate consumption, we pay attention to the balanced nutrition of mothers.
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    The Chinese doctors will provide one-to-one mother care, keep track of the baby's health status and business procedures, and provide the customers with services of free replacement of certificates and reminding of vaccination.
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    Xilubaby Confinement Center in the US employs professional maternity matrons to help moms take care of newborns.
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Hot house types high-end residential area, hotels, and villas are available.

In Corona, Irvine, L.A., Ontario, Saipan and other prosperous metropolitan areas, rooms can be selected on your own. One house has one price. Villa or apartments are available. You can live in high-end residential area, no tips.

A villa has a chef, who can cook for immediate consumption, giving the best service to pregnant mothers, allowing them to be immersed in the journey!

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Witness the joy of moms can be felt by us.

When moms give birth in the US, from directing visa application to getting familiar to local environment, Xilubaby accompanies moms in custom clearance, sightseeing, delivery, and nursing.

And we will do better!

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Subordinate to Shandong Meilu Cultural Media Corporation, Xilubaby originates from Taiwan and takes root in mainland China. It mainly engages in the business of giving birth in overseas countries, including consultation of giving birth in US.XLBB processing, pre-delivery and confinement caring in US and subsequent consultation after coming back. Xilubaby’s service aims are to serve with due diligence, provide transparent service and enable each client to enjoy the comfortable, intimate as well as pleasant journey to give birth in US.

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